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Pastor Adeboye’s son, Leke declares war on Daddy Freeze over comment about his mom

The fight between Pastor Adeboye’s son, Leke and Free the Sheeple conveyner, Daddy Freeze has just gotten personal over comment about his mom

It all started when the spiritual mother of many, Folu Adeboye preached during the recently concluded youth conference, urging people to consult their pastors first before their own parents when it comes to the issue of marriage

A Tweet on RCCG’s handle before Daddy Freeze’s reaction, read;

There is no confusion in the house of God. You have to go to your Pastor first to consult for marriage before your parent

However reacting to the tweet, Daddy Freeze wrote;

Are these people beginning to manifest early signs of senility?

These teachings have no recourse to the Bible! Jesus himself said you shouldn’t give money meant for your parents to the temple, let alone this trash.

I hope these people have access to the wealth and the airplane she and her husband are flying, when they have finished helping them take all these decisions for them?? ~FRZ

This ofcourse did not go down well with the son of the female cheric who has not always been in good terms and agreement with the conveyner’s teachings

According to Leke, his mom was not talking to Daddy Freeze or his followers, and he took the whole sermon out of context without listening to everything.

He concluded his chat by saying he will come after Daddy Freeze and his mother, for coming after his. Read his insta-story post below;


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Comedian Tee A blasts fake Nigerian motivational speakers and life coaches

Comedian Tee A has slammed Nigerian fake motivational speakers and life coaches who are always on social media advising people on how to be wealthy like them.

According to Tee A, such people never have any sensible thing one can say made them wealthy.

Read his post:

''I wonder how long we will all continue keeping quiet while young , innocent and hardworking people are being deceived and misled by very shady characters masquerading as "Successul Young Entrepreneurs" ,
Most of whom you can't chart their road to success or even identify any sensible structure behind their sudden wealth.

My advice to innocent folks out there is to simply be very careful of these "fake role models" because many of them are out here right now .

Please don't let anyone deceive you, follow your heart and grind your hustle with all you got.
Dignity of labour is...

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Pastor slammed for sending nu** video to married members

A famous Zambia based pastor identified as Elder Charles Kalombo has been slammed for allegedly sending nude video to married members

The cleric in Bread of Life church in Ndola area of Zambia, has made headlines after being called out on social media by the husband of one his married members, who alleged that he sends nude video and photos to his members.

It was gathered that the said man saw the video in his wife’s phone and released it.

A close look at the now viral nude video captured the Pastor telling a married woman identified as Bana Mary that he can go for six hours because she is too cute to be married to a loser.

It was also learnt that the same church member had previously had tried to be discrete about the matter by writting a letter to the church’s senior cleric, Pastor Imakando, urging him...


Nigerian feminist in trouble for selling rape video

Nicky Ojiulor, a self acclaimed Nigerian feminist is in trouble for allegedly selling and circulating rape video of the lady drugged and gang-raped by 5 boys in Lagos.

The Nigerian feminist Nicky Ojiulor has been summoned to a panel by her school, Universal School of Aviation who have now issued a statement on the circulation of the rape video by their student.

The statement reads;

Good morning all,
The attention of the management has been called to a video circulating the social media which is been shared by a cabin crew student of our great institution.
We wish to assure the entire public that she has been summoned to the school disciplinary panel, which will hold on Monday and to reinstate that we will not condone any act of indiscipline of this nature.
We also wish to notify the entire public that we will be willing to...

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