Everyone knows when Lionel Messi is angry – Abidal

Everyone knows when Messi is angry - Abidal

The director of football at FC Barcelona, Eric Abidal has stated that Lionel Messi is one player who doesn’t talk much but still knows how to make teammates know when he’s angry.

Speaking in an interview, Abidal hailed Messi as a “key player for us and for the dressing room”.

“He’s an example as a captain,” Abidal told Barcelona’s official website.

“Not just talent-wise, also as a person.

“He doesn’t talk much, but he shows us everything on the field. He’s a key player for us and for the dressing room.

“We always say that Leo doesn’t need to talk. Everyone knows when he’s angry and everyone knows when he’s happy.

“His role in the team is important for the young players and the new signings.

“Leo’s story is a beautiful one, but he’s shown that here at Barça, with hard work, lots of things are possible.

“He’s a great player and thanks to him the level of the other players increases.”

Barcelona have not secured a domestic victory since last months 2-1 win over Real Sociedad. They are 2nd in La Liga table with 15 points alongside Atletico Madrid, while Real Madrid have 14 points.

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Everyone knows when Messi is angry - Abidal


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