Education that can’t create jobs is useless – Chris Ngige

Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, has stated that education is useless when it is not directed at job creation. the minister called on schools to revise their current curricular to reflect modern challenges and development.

Ngige made this ststament in Abuja on Tuesday while addressing a breakfast session of the ongoing National Economic Summit (#24) in Abuja. The theme of the summit: ‘Multi-Sectoral Roundtable on Job Creation and Skills Development in Nigeria’.

He said, “with a working population of over 80 million, the majority of who are unemployed, we have to do something radical, the narrative must change. School curriculum must change to include new and emerging skills. Education is power but it is useless when it is not in the right direction. We, therefore, must collaborate to solve this problem.” 

The minister who called for a paradigm shift in approach to job creation made it clear that the current efforts might not be sufficient enough in creating jobs adequate enough to cater for 80 million people.

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