Deji Adeyanju issues strong warning to Nnamdi Kanu as he surfaces

Deji Adeyanju has warned IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu to avoid pulling the kind of stunt he pulled during the Anambra gubernatorial elections. He gave the warning after a video surfaced showing him praying at the wailing wall in Jerusalem, Israel.

See his tweets below.

I hear Nnamdi Kanu is back again. I guess he wants to play a role in the 2019 elections. My advise to him is simple: Don’t mess it up again this time around. He had a fantastic opportunity the last time & messed it up by calling on people to boycott Anambra polls.

I love my brother Nnamdi Kanu very much and like I have always said, I wish him the best at all times. I hope and pray he makes the right decision this time. I always mean well even if I come across as though I don’t. Welcome back bro. Cheers!

What we expect Kanu to be saying is simple: Support Peter Obi his fellow Igbo brother. Call for total restructuring of the country. End the marginalization of the Igbo nation. Call for the handing over of Buhari to ICC after May 29th. Anything outside this, is suport for Buhari.

Nnamdi Kanu is like Ojukwu who fled the country after causing many deaths. Obviously, there is an umbilicus of cowardice connecting the late Emeka Ojukwu with Kanu. I doubt if Ojukwu suffered any loss in the war. Kanu has taken the same path. -Fredrick Nwabufo.

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