Chat between Wizkid and his first baby mama, Shola Ogudu

Below are screenshots of the chat between Wizkid and his first baby mama, Shola Ogudu.

She released the chat to show she is not a money hungry hoe which her baby daddy always refers her and his second baby mama as.

Chat between Wizkid and his first baby mama, Shola Ogudu

Below are how social media users reacted to the chats


@real_ijcharles – At least take care of your child if you feel the mom is a gold digger try to overlook that and provide for your child it’s not going to last forever max 18yrs and you can have him for good

@NikeWizkid – It was so sad seeing Tife’s rant so loud like that. All I can see is Billing all the time.. Today Business Cash, tomorrow Rent and Rent and Rent.
The rent fee doesn’t seem to be yearly anymore but monthly. Sigh

@Sandymonajj – Wizkid prefers Zion because he will have oyinbo accent and we all know that Wizkid is very big on Accents???

@Manlikenedu – Deadbeat dad that books their flights for vacations, pays the rent of 2.1 million, always wants to speak to his son, pays school fees..HABA

@Tbillion40 – Did y’all read the part where she said wizkid collected the star boy Chain he gave Boluwatife, like your time is up lemme give Zion with the accent. ????

@BadmanSophss – And from that chat I think she still has feelings for wizkid (I might be wrong) and it’s understandable as she was very young and she really liked him
But she needs to burn whatever like she still has for him with fire

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  1. I think she hurt him before, and now bcs he is nw a celebrity she wants to reconcile with him…hmmm gals/women !!!

    He shud take care of his child noatter wat, and show her some kindness at least.

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