“Today we celebrate a love so true and pure” | Chioma Akpotha, Ireti Doyle, others pen sweet messages to Lala Akindoju and Chef Fregz

Award-winning actress, Lala Akindoju and celebrity chef, Gbubemi Fregene aka Chef Fregz are getting married and their traditional wedding holds today.

The couple did their big reveal on Sunday morning by blessing our Instagram timelines with their magical pre-wedding photos shot by T.Y Bello. The reveal has been followed with a barrage of love from other celebrities and well-wishers, and here are our favourite messages:

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I would often look at @lalaakindoju and wonder if the boys around her were friggin' blind! If I were a guy? Give me a girl like Lala…a worthy Bonnie to any Clyde. Selfless and loyal in the extreme. Your matter; she will carry on her head to the ends of the earth, Your market? She will push till even your enemies begin to buy… Innovative and resourceful. You can't be in the same room as @lalaakindoju and there won't be a solution to the problem, how?? There was a convo we had years ago about physical attributes. I just smiled. Women like Lala just get better with age…I mean just look at her.. looking like sweeth (yes with the "th") caramel candy?? Eh….shior…awon ode…Loolllzzz!! Anyway na so; so it is with treasure, it's is not "easily found" even when hidden in "plain sight"?. It takes a very special and discerning somebody to discover it. @chef_fregz go and prepare your store house for the abundance of blessing about to overtake you… for you Sir, have found a very very good thing!!? #Aṣéwẹ́rẹ́Niṣẹ́Olúwa#KemiLala#SweethCaramelCandy#MrsFregene#AyaBugbemi#IyawoEleseOsun#IGoDanceTireToday???

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