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Nigerian man writes thought-provoking piece titled “My place in this place”

A Nigerian man has written a piece titled “My place in this place”, which is addressed to remind many that they are here for a reason.

According to him, It’s important for everyone to know their place in ‘this place’.


Good morning, I want to believe you had a refreshing night rest. In order for you not to be displaced before your timing in a wrong placement, It’s important you know what’s your place in this place.

Imagine you entering a banking hall, on getting to the bank, people flooded the place like never before, ohh without asking any further question, you embraced a queue in 1 hour 42 minutes time of standing, you were now told, this queue is for a different course we are sorry for any inconveniences caused, join the other queue…just imagine

A newly admitted university student might be lost in the euphoria of several activities if the purpose of being in the school was not clearly defined. Several voices is what you’d be hearing, Let’s go that party, there’s an artist ministering there, let’s go the fellowship, why not join me to read in the library, I want to go visit a friend in her hostel, follow me..The ability to understand your place in the school will defile all odds and carefully make you strategize on why you are there.

You are in the world but you don’t belong to the world. He clearly instructed us not to love the the world, whosoever loves the world, the love of the father is not in him. Why should you loose your identity because you want to acquire material wealth, academic qualifications and Positions.

He took time to come unto his own but his people didn’t receive him but as many who received him, he gave them power to become the son of God. people were too familiar with the anointing that they believed the son of carpenter couldn’t be the saviour they’ve been anticipating for years. In the same vein, many are so familiar with the pulpit and used to the pew to a point that salvation is becoming a mirage to them. I wish that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of truth. It’s high time you stop wrestling with your creator and the only way out is by surrendering the entirety of your life to the one who can secure it. You’ve been bought with a price therefore glorify the Lord in your body and spirit.

Stop wasting your time trying to live without a man who died and gave himself as a ransom for your soul. 
Jesus beckons on you to keep coming, come, come, come,come,come, come, come,come,come, come, keep coming, because I can guarantee your safety, come unto me all those that labour and are heavy laden, I guarantee rest. To think its too late shouldn’t be heard because theif on the cross was graciously saved. It doesn’t matter what you have been through he Loves and cares for you.

Olowoyeye Oluwatuyi

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