N6 apologizes after AY questioned his intelligence over comment on D’banj’s page


Nigerian media personality, N6 who slammed comedian AY over his comment on D’banj’s page during his Monday rants with his colleague Joyce, has finally apologized following the controversy it sparked.

AY who reacted to the vacation video of D’banj and his wife, had written;

Things like this only tells me that we are coming for naming ceremony soon. Celebration will never depart from your home. U don pass baba God test. Happiness is free

However on their show on Monday, N6 and his co-host Joyce Onyemuwa called out AY for his comment. They felt it was wrong for the comedian to insinuate that the death of D’banj’s child was God’s test.

Firing back at the Cool FM OAPs, AY wrote;

The way you relate with people you are familiar with sometimes makes your IQ appear low in the face of onlookers. But when your own IQ points are focused on cooking up doom between the people you don’t know… then your intelligence should be questioned.

N6 who has reacted to the counter post from AY, chose to apologize instead. Here is a screenshot of their exchange below;

He also wrote about his job as a radio broadcaster. His post reads;

My Job as a Radio Broadcaster is to See and Say the Truth, No Holds Barred, No Matter who’s OX is Gored. There is a lot Wrong with our Society and these Issues Must be Discussed, sadly sometimes with Fiery Language to get your Point across. You have a lot of Bubblegum and Popcorn OAPs I am Not One of Them. Last Nite I also Roasted the APC and how they Are dropping young candidates, Gov Ambode & my Good friend Teebillz, Una for Post that One too na😭. I work with a Brilliant Lady @ijoyceonyemuwa who is also a TED fellow, a Genius and a Guru in her field anyday. We are not on Radio to Pamper anybody. 🙄. I’ve got a Job to do & sadly one in a while Egos will be Bruised. Tonite will be even More Fiery. Tune in to the GREATEST NITE TIME RADIO SHOW IN LAGOS #TheNiteCafe Mon – Thurs 9pm to 1am on @coolfmlagos THANKS FOR COMING TO MY TED TALK 👩‍🎓😎 *drops Mic* #TeamN6 Una too Much. #HighStar🌟🙌


Source: kemifilani.ng


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