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Bride dies of terminal sickness days after saying ‘I do’ in her hospital bed (Photos)

A 19-year-old woman who knew she was dying of a terminal disease had to arrange her wedding in haste.
Nina Marino was hooked up to a ventilator and other machines when she and Joey Williams, 21, tied the knot on the intensive care unit.
The young couple had hoped to marry in a church, but they were forced to bring the ceremony forward after a doctor told them, Mariino would likely not make it through the night.
Just a few hours later, Nina wore her wedding dress and a headband of flowers as she said “I do” and fulfilled one of her dying wishes. She held a bouquet in her hands and was kissed on the cheek by Joey, who was wearing a tuxedo, in a ceremony that was quickly thrown together by family. A guitarist was invited to play songs for her, her room was decorated with photos of the couple.
Nina made it through the night and held on for three more days before losing her battle with cancer. They tied the knot in front of about 30 relatives, friends and hospital workers in Nina’s room on the intensive care unit.
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