55-year-old woman gets Black Hairy Tongue after Car Crash!

Reports have it that a 55-year-old woman recently suffered from “black hairy tongue” after a car accident which left both of her legs crushed.

She had taken an antibiotic to treat her wound infections, however a week later, she noticed her tongue turned black and fuzzy and reported being nauseous and having a “bad taste in her mouth.

Following her complains, medical doctors at the Washington University suspect that her medication was to blame, reports The New England Journal of Medicine.

The woman was given different medication and her hair-raising symptoms went away after four weeks.

“Back Hairy Tongue” can also be caused by poor oral hygiene, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

On the upside though, the condition is usually reversible with good oral hygiene and has no long-term effects if treated early.

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