Man who tried to blackmail Corper with her nudes, apologises

In a rare case of blackmail gone wrong, a man who tried to blackmail a corp member with her nudes has been forced to apologize moments after she called him out

It was gathered that the girlfriend sent Keneizoid the nudes on WhatsApp based on trust, when the guy asked her of it.

When things turned around, he then threatened to blackmail her with the nudes.

He blackmailed and threatened to pay N150,000 or have her nudes posted on various blogs, Instagram, Facebook and copies sent to her father and siblings.

The Blackmailer threatened to print hard copies and paste them from the gate of her house

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The news got into the ears of Angry Nigerians and they called him out and blasted him seriously

The Guy in question later got back to his senses and tendered a sincere apology few hours ago..

He wrote;

I made a mistake, I said something I didn’t mean… I made a very big mistake.. I did say out of anger that I was going to leak someone’s nude.. I went too far.. I have disappointed a lot of people and I’m Sorry


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