“I have been paid now” – Waje’s former PA, Yvonne Imongan shares update

On Friday, popular singer, Waje was in the news after her now former Personal Assistant, Yvonne Imongan called her out for mistreating her and owing her one-month’s worth of salary.

Now Imongan has confirmed that she has received her payment from the singer. She wrote on social media, “I almost lost my lif working with you (Waje), personal assistants are people’s children not classifed maids… I have been paid. I woke up this morning and I the alert from her (Waje) paying my salary.”

In an interview, Imongan said, “She told me the salary was going to be 50,000. If she had told me I wasn’t going to be paid, I wouldn’t have asked for salary at the end of the month. When she told me yesterday that I wasn’t going to be paid at the end of the month, I was surprised. ”

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According to Imongan, her reaction and decision to make the case public was spurred by a social media post shared by Waje where she alluded to the popular phrase that claims “Nigerian youth are lazy”.


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