A Nigerian musician who sold his life to the devil will die this year – Apostle Sediq Moses

One Apostle Sediq Moses recently revealed some prophecies, one of which revolves around a certain Nigerian musician.

Read below:

I saw a young musician; he was really drunk, with his friends and was involved in a car accident. A fatal one and none of them survived. So the young musician should be careful and pray hard to avert this tragedy. He had something like this in the past, but survived. But now it’s his time around in the marine world. He’s going to die.

Because he sold his life to the devil and if he gets this message, he should come to me or go to any believing man of God for prayers. The spirit of God brought to Kenya, revealed to me that there two presidents in the country; God removed one and let the other continue. ”

“The one that God did not ordain will sleep in the bed and have a heart attack, and die. So he should step down, in order to save his life. In Nigeria, we should pray against armed robbers. They will stop and kill everyone in a long bus on the road of Lagos to Abuja; Lokoja to Abuja. Please, people in Lagos should also pray against flood. And also people in Lokoja will be in their sleep when flood comes; and people in Lagos should be aware and wary of those buildings in the coastal areas, and chasing the water, they should be careful. Delta and Kogi states inhabitants living close to water should run. They should all move away.  Any attempt to fight the military in the 2019 elections may lead to military taking over the government from the civilian government”

Gunshot scar billionaire kidnapper Evans got after 2006 Lagos robbery (photo)



Apostle Sediq Moses

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