Young man narrates how a woman who humiliated his father years ago met her Karma

A young Nigerian man has recounted on how a woman who humiliated his father years ago, recently got served in an epic and dramatic karma. According to the elated man, his father was struggling some years back and a woman made fun of him for his situation and even cursed him that he will always remain in the same situation.

Years later, his father’s life and situation in life has improved however, the woman life appears to have changed and gotten worse than it used to be

He mentioned that he recently ran into the woman and was shocked but happy to see her selling on the street in the rain

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Still pondering over the matter, he proceeded to Facebook to share the story which was received with mixed feelings.

While some rejoiced with him, saying the woman got what she deserved, others pointed out that he shouldn’t have repaid evil with evil.

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