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Pregnant woman reportedly jailed for hitting husband’s girlfriend

A Journalist has taken to Facebook to showcase the plight of a woman who was sentenced to two years in prison for hitting her husband’s girlfriend. According to the information shared, the woman was surprised to find her husband’s girlfriend in their house and even wearing her clothes. Angered by the sight, she dashed for the lady and a fight ensued which led to her hitting the lady with a sandal. That single act landed her in prison.

Read the story below.

 I encountered this beautiful young lady at the Nsawam Female Prison last week. She has been convicted for 2 years with a 5 months old pregnancy, and came into the prison with her one and a half year old son. Her offence? She tells me her “husband” brought in his girlfriend into the house and gave the lady her dress to wear.

She couldn’t believe what was unfolding in her eyes and could not contain the humiliation. She confronted the lady and a fight ensued. In the course of the struggle, she hit the lady with a sandals she laid hands on and was jailed for assault. Since coming to prison, this so-called husband has never visited her.

My appeal is for some of our judges to fully consider the overall context of events before handing down sentences. I have a feeling they are sometimes misled by the police? For how long will the Alternative Sentencing Bill which could possibly prescribe community sentences in such cases, continue to gather dust in Parliament?

Shouldn’t pregnant women be given suspended sentences instead? I simply don’t understand why the Criminal Offences Act 1960 which obviously needs a review after so many years of usage continue to dictate the pace. We are all not safe!

She has a fine of 1400 Ghs to pay and another 2000 for the injuries caused to her attacker, making it 3400 Ghs in all to secure her release. You may want to help! At Crime Check Foundation, CCF, we champion the cause of the poor and the voiceless. Join us do so!

Pregnant woman reportedly jailed
Pregnant woman reportedly jailed for hitting husband’s girlfriend

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All you should know about the controversy surrounding Reverend Funke Adejumo on social media

Reverend Funke Felix-Adejumo has been trending all over social media for weeks now.

The drama started (HERE) after a video capturing Mrs Funke Adejumo demanding her congregation to sow a seeD of $1,000 in a year, surfaced online.

The pastor could be herd saying people should tap into the anointing in her life, reminding the congregation that her male and female children got married as virgins and have beautiful kids.

She added that they should not think little of themselves as they can raise the money in a year.

The action caused an uproar online with many criticizing the preacher and a few supporting her.

Reacting too, Comedian Wale Gates has been sharing videos of the pastor asking for donations from congregations in different churches. Watch (HERE), (HERE) AND (HERE).


Daddy Freeze, too, on his Instagram, shared...

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Actress Georgina Onuoha, her mother and two daughters rock matching outfits

Below is a picture showing actress Georgina Onuoha, her mother and her two daughters rocking matching outfits.

Sharing the picture, Gerogina Onuoha wrote:

''My crew came through for me a week ago. I remain eternally grateful ??. Three generations. The bloodline
I’m a proud daughter of a teacher/Trader ( my mom) and an Army Engineer/Military lecturer ( my dad). I take pride in pursuing higher education because it is valuable to me and for my kids to know that nothing less than greater academic heights is expected of them. If your grandfather was a neurosurgeon doctor, your father a gastroenterologist doctor, your uncles all doctors, then you just have to understand that the bar is raised higher for you and the expectations is for you to surpass everything your parents and grandparents accomplished. Pretty face, fame and good looks can only take you so far. With academics you break...


One of the students who had an accident during a SARS chase, dies

One of the two students of the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, who were hospitalized after having an accident while being chased by SARS operatives on Wednesday, 11th of July, 2018, has died.

According to reports, Seun Ogunmola and Deborah Iyanuoluwa, both Accounting students, were assumed to be fraudsters, hence the chase. Ogunmola, however, lost control of the car and crashed it.

After the accident, the officers abandoned them and fled. However, they were later rescued by some bystanders and rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Owo.

Seun reportedly died around 10am, yesterday, after a surgery. Following his death, some students trooped out in protest against SARS and barricaded the highway leading to the institution.

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