After 12 years, Woman welcomes a baby 3 months after welcoming twins

A Facebook user, Chinenye Sylva has narrated how her Aunt welcomed a baby just three months after she delivered a set of twins after 12 years of waiting.

When her Aunt welcomed the twins, Chinyere shared the news on Facebook:

”I always hear this story or read it on Facebook. But today am so surprise it happened to me. Friends rise up and let us thank God who blessed my aunty with set of twin (a boy and a girl) after 12years of marriage…. cheiiiii i call him Jehovah over do, odogwu akataka, nwoke m ji eme onu… if i continue i will not finish… pls call him what you can…. rejoice with me….”

Woman welcomes a baby 3 months after welcoming twins

Just three months after the woman delivered the twins, she noticed that her protruding belly was yet to return to normal. Unknowingly to her, she still had another baby left in her belly.

Chinyere posted:

”Cheiiiiiiiiiiii….. remeber when i shared the first picture of my aunty that gave birth to twins after 12years of marriage… just yesterday another baby came from same stomach… 3months after… she always complain of her stomach growing instead of going down after giving brith to the twins not knowing that one child is still remaining there. And the baby boy came forth yesterday which is the 2nd picture. People this is three months after.

Since i was born and now am getting old, i have not seen this type of miracle… that is why i call him jehovah overdo, omalichachukwu, odogwu, ome ihe nyiri mmadu na omumw, onye ana akpo otu oku oza ugboro iri. Friends pls call him names, and rejoice with me. So my anuty have triplet. 2boys and a girls…12yrs after marriage in a miraculous way.”

After 12 years, Woman welcomes a baby 3 months after welcoming twins

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Rihanna and her Saudi billionaire boyfriend pictured having a heated argument


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Read why a journalist said the city if Abuja is no longer safe

An Abuja based journalist, Gimba Kakanda has narrated why he thinks the federal capital territory is no longer safe. Read his rather funny experience below.

''You know Abuja is no longer safe. And here’s my own paralyzing experience. Issa thread!

I left a friend’s place in Asokoro around 3 AM, and, quite unusually, noticed a car trailing. The driver honked, perhaps asking me to give way. I slowed down, expecting it to overtake. It didn’t. Then it began to accelerate the moment I did. That was the first sign of danger.

I had been a night crawler and often confused whenever I read narratives of Abuja as a place unsafe, quietly dismissing them as exaggeration or paranoia. But I wasn’t going to take chances this night. No be me una...

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Rihanna and her Saudi billionaire boyfriend pictured having a heated argument

US singer, Rihanna has been spotted having a heated argument with her billionaire boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, just a month after a reported breakup. The pictures below show the both of them on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The photos which were taken by a paparzzi shows the both of them looking like they were engaged in an argument as they sat under the sun and by the pool side.

30-year-old Rihanna could be seen pointing her finger towards 29-year-old Hassan Jameel, who is the heir to the sole distribution company of Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia. The expression on her face and his didn't speak of happiness which suggests they were in disagreement.

Hassan was later seen walking away from the singer looking dejected after the argument.

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Cee-C and Leo Dasilva finally break the table, Instagram is on fire!

Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C has finally broken the shaking table she sends him a birthday message filled with lots of emotions. Sharing a video of their romantic moments, alongside the love song playing in the background, love is all we see

The love struck drama queen penned down a birthday message which read;

Always know that I’m here for you, to encourage, pray, support, to be a helper
You have my attention Akin..
Happy birthday my fresh air..

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