Wedding dress made from parachute that saved groom’s life

Every couple have their love story, so does every wedding and inadvertently, every marital union. Weddings are most memorable because one gets to spend the rest of one’s life with the one’s true love

While some weddings could be dramatic, and tell a story, others could be as “normal” as possible however, it is unarguably a fact that every bride makes her special day a recreation of what she has pictured and perfected in he mind’s eye

A beautiful bride in 1947 once thought, what other way to make a significant wedding than to make your wedding dress solely with the material /parachute that saved her groom’s life

Full video of TV girl,Tomike Adeoye's wedding ceremony

While taking a look at photos in history, the story behind the wedding outfit of the groom, Maj. Claude and the bride, Ruth Hensinger on their wedding day is indeed touching and thought provoking

Check out the photo of the dress and the couple below

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