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US-based Nigerian lady fired from work for not saying good morning

A Nigerian lady based in the United States has narrated how she got fired from her job with accusations that she was creating an hostile environment. According to her, her failure to say good morning to a co-worker led to the axe landing on her.

Read her tweets below.


”I once got fired from a job because I asked my coworker if she would die if I didn’t say good morning, I was told I created a “hostile work environment” by asking the question LMAO but it was an innocent question.

Everyday the bitch would come into work and be up in my space looking for a “good morning”. we are COWORKERS! Find a man to tell you good morning! And it was an early start job, before 8 AM. Goddamn.

Her: Hey is there an issue?

Me: What?

Her: I ask because you never say good morning?

Me: Are you joking?

Her: I just want to make sure we’re good.

Me: Will you die if I don’t say good morning? For a Nigerian, this is a simple inquiry. For an American, it’s a personal attack.

Americans are soooo fake lmao especially White Americans with that stupid lip thing they do when you make eye contact. Just don’t look at me please.”

US-based Nigerian lady fired from work for not saying good morning

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