Ronke Oshodi-Oke replies Liz Anjorin with a video after she called her a beggar

The beef between Liz Anjorin and Ronke Oshodi-Oke which seemed buried, got resurrected at an event which the both of them attended recently.

At the event which was hosted by their colleague Kemi Korede, Ronke Oshodi-Oke who was the MC, took the microphone and requested for money from the guests as it is accustomed of MCs at events in Nigeria.

Liz Anjorin, probably looking for a way to get at Ronke again since their beef started, took to social media to mock her with claims that she is a beggar.

However, in a video response to Liz, Ronke Oshodi-Oke made it clear that her begging at the event was just her being an MC and that it has nothing to do with who she truly is in life.

Read Lizzy’s posts below and find Ronke Oshodi Oke’s video which is better watched on Instagram.

Swipe the video for more.

Ronke Oshodi-Oke replies Liz Anjorin with a video after she called her a beggar

Lizzy Wrote:

”Alihamdulilai. I was there to a support a colleague of mine with my little I have and I always pray to God to make me have more than enough so that I can do more in the future. where my mates are spending, I will never be an onlooker. If you see me on Pasuma’s stage, forget it, I must pay my homeage to my surest Egbon and Kemi Korede has been supporting me with my events whenever I call on her….since 1900.? I don’t forget the good deeds whether small or big.
Maturity is a gift. I was the only actress that will greet them all with my two knees on the floor despite my age or status. Ever since I started till this day. Others called them names, but I called them Egbon Mi, Sir, Aunty Ma, Mummy Mi and Daddy Mi with utmost respect. The truth is when I saw them anywhere, we played and greeted each other warmly and got nothing against each other. People that are close to me can testify to the fact that I will never sit down with anybody and start saying evil about my colleagues and the last thing I will ever do is to sent Arike or Aliu to go bring colleagues down on Social Media or fuelling their scandals and yet they still role with me. Lailai. Its simply called evil and if you do that, you will remain backward till infinity. If you do that don’t blame anybody for your failure. God is not a Maga….because I don’t go to my colleagues house or having groups and moving from one place to another. It’s not about PROUDNESS its called mindingyourbusiness.com because I know where I am coming from and my struggle for greatness did not give me enough time to sleep not to talk of going to someone’s house. But you all know we are good friends..Alhamdulilai none of them can say oh Lizzy did this evil to me.
My anger is that they turn the indulstry to cult and evil battle ground…if you have issue with one person, settle your scores instantly and move on or move back.? Don’t use your brainless act to destroy other people’s food ..because of few weeks issues. ? The mad dog was busy shouting up and down at this event she came to beg for money. That’s your prayer from God kokanye.com??????? because you have access to microphone …DROP PRT 2 SOON

PRT2 …Because you have access to microphone does not mean you should loose your sense of professionalism. Imagine if am a fearful person? I would have left the event with fear and the little I brought would have being a minus. We rise by lifting others. What happen to your brain and conscience? What if i climbed that stage and I replied you nko? The parry will scatter? We were taught to play along with our worst enemy on stage as a best friend then pick your fight back once you come down from the stage as a well trained artist. Next time you don’t act mature with me in an event, I will use that cord of the mic to remove the little hair that remain on your empty head. Elenu bi Napkin onito. Atleast, people can watch you on live video and guest at the event can testify to how being unprofessional you are. Coward. Later she will say…DID I MENTION YOUR NAME? And when next we are meeting, try and bring your original birth certificate because people that are judging through stature are the ones deceiving you. I get your size and I promise to give it to you woman to woman when next we meet. Thank God, Egbon Pasuma was already on stage before I came in the second time….ori e yo e. But you won’t escape me next time. Its a promise. Except you act professional and mind your business towards me. You are about to eat your shame raw. One simple truth about me…when it comes to friendship I have no class or age. I love people that loves me genuinely and when it comes to evil act…I will not take it cool with you. Infact I need to write about my journey in this industry soon. I go kuku mention names sha….”

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