Lady harassed by drunk policeman who bashed her, cries out

A young lady who got harassed by some drunk policemen in Lagos, has cried out on social media over her bitter experience. In what appears to be an unfortunate encounter, the lady in question had her car bashed, alleging that the drunk policemen who had no name badge caused her the damages

Adding that after victimizing her, they threatened to assault her, abscond and added that nothing will be done to them.

In her words;

So that’s how I was victimised today… The policemen with the t-shirt on hit my car soo bad and had the effontary to tell me they would hit me and abscond and there would be nothing I would do.

The t-shirt worn was @officialnnpcgroupand @nigeriapoliceforce inscribed on it claiming they were going to their base in Obalende.

Please tell me why at this time the officers meant to keep us safe are drunk??. Smelling all sort of alcohol.

I was verbally harassed and threatened if i don’t get my car out of the way they would hit me and zoom off. He even had the guts to say he’s a policeman and I shud shut up.!!! Pls I’m not getting. Someone should wake me up it was all a dream.

The @eko_lastma guys tried calming me down knowing fully well they were wrong and drunk. @nigerianpoliceforce is this how you train your staff. This is soo unfair. I need my car fixed ASAP.

Vehicle plate: KSF57CJ.
IF THEY DONT HAVE A NAME BADGE. THEY HAVE A REGISYERED PLATE. THEY CLAIM OBALENDE IS THEIR LOCATION!!!. All drunk, not properly dressed and carrying rifles in an ungodly manner threatening my life!!! Pls I’m soo not in the mood. I really need my car to be fixed !!! This is victimisation of the highest order.
Driving so carelessly.!!! This is not police i know oo but mere hoodlums roaming the streets all in the name of police. Oh yes i created a huge scene along Obudu road and people were scared to intervene cause they were officials. Then tried to escape till I doublecrossed them telling them to do their worst.

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