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Actress Juliet Mgborukwe’s husband calls his new lady Mrs Ojukwu

Chima Ojukwu, estranged husband of actress Juliet Mgborukwe, has shared a picture of the new lady in his life few days after Juliet announced that she has filed for divorce from. In the caption of the picture, Chima wrote: “Mrs ojukwu with all that ass”

Juliet Mgborukwe's husband
Actress Juliet Mgborukwe: Husband calls his new lady Mrs Ojukwu

Yesterday, Juliet Mgborukwe released a statement against claims from her husband who stated that she once cheated on him.

”Do the people you lie to know you have been married 2 times before me and you have domestic violence history in your previous marriages?
You said I left with your kids on March 14th and you didn’t see your kids for 3 months how come the pictures I have above shows you and your kids running errands on April 16th, so how is that 3months? Smh , you are a congenital liar, just not an intelligent one.

I sent you the screenshot of my chat with another man, long after i have left the marriage/your house,telling you that I thought you said I was fat and ugly and no man will want me with 2kids, now you turn around to use that same screenshot as proof of me cheating with these men while I was in your house, why did u blur the dates? Well I guess the pictures I have above says otherwise, so manipulative yet so inane and shallow.
Did i do it to taunt you?maybe yes but more to let you know i am getting my esteem and worth back after years of physical,emotional,pyschological and caustic verbal abuses from you…. You tried to break me, destroy my esteem and dignity, you wanted absolute control over the air i breathe, you sure did subjugate me for a while….until i could take it no more and summoned the strength and courage to leave(because of my kids). What is killing you is knowing i now have a good job and can stand on my own two feet to care for myself and my kids and will never need to beg you for anything….It kills you to see me happy, to see i have moved on fine without you….knowing my being independent would not subserve your insatiable thirst to bully, abuse and control me. For our children’s sake have i not tossed you in prison for all you did to me.

If I was so much of a bad person like you claimed, why were you and your family begging me to come back after I left (#ProofAbove). Because I stood my grounds this time and you saw your trite begging didn’t work no more, you resorted to low and porous lies. Typical of psychotic abusers like you.

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