Read why Ifu Ennada says she marvels at the stupidity of some Nigerians

Reality TV star, Ifu Ennada has reacted to comments from her social media fans after she posted a picture of her PVC in order to encourage others to get theirs ahead of the 2019 elections.

After posting the picture, the former BBNaija star was surprised to see her fans arguing over her age as seen on the PVC instead of discussing the issue that made her post the picture.

Read her post below.


”This is how I’m seated marvelling at the stupidity of certain Nigerians who instead of focusing on my PVC post, decided to argue about my age and troll me in the process. I lost appetite while reading some hate comments…
Are you afflicted by low self esteem or do thoughts of underachievement haunt you so much that you’ve concluded everyone in life must be a dishonest asshole like you? Is this why some of you wrote all manner of nonsense in my comment section in a bit to make me regret posting my PVC?

People like you are the reason Nigeria is the way she is. You focus on what doesn’t matter and spend your days attending to irrelevant issues.
To those of you that said I’m way older than my age, thanks for wishing me long life, by the time I’m that age I’d be way better and greater than your imaginations.

Thanks to everyone making this country a better place, we’d rise above every idiot and bring to life the change we want.
PS: Those of you who have nothing but venomous comments to write should please unfriend me, better still attempt to troll me and I’ll block your sorry ass. I’d rather have 10 beautIFU hearted followers than over 300k bitter hearted idiots. —

May God forgive me for getting angry and writing this long post. May God forgive us all in Jesus name.”

Ifu Ennada says she marvels at the stupidity of some Nigerians

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