How Folu Adeboye never allows any guest leave her mansion without bombarding with gifts

Earlier this month, RCCG’s Pastor Folu Adeboye clocked 70 and she received quite a lot of tributes online.

Below are excerpts from two of the tributes online.

This is from film maker, Femi Adisa.

Today, my mum clocks 70!

You know my biological mum once told me that MGO is my real mum? Lol. Story for another day. (Just to be clear, she didn’t say MGO gave birth to me o).
I love this woman with all my heart. Her motherly instincts are probably the strongest I have ever seen. She is so caring, sometimes its unbelievable. But don’t be fooled by all that care and love, when its time to use the rod, she will not spare it at all!
I have learnt a great deal from her and I’m still learning. The opportunities and responsibilities she gave me as a young graduate were so unbelievable, my dad didn’t believe when I told him. When you are around Mummy G.O, she releases your wings to fly, she even helps you discover wings you didn’t know existed.
She’s 70, but still very young in the mind. Her brain is sharp like kilode. Even with her busy shedule, she remembers the details of probably everything. Her brain is also always bubbling with great ideas; how to reach more people for Christ, how to turn the seemingly useless into diamond, how to grow faster and more.
Her generousity? Let’s not even talk about that one. Its like she is always looking for something to give out. If you take a gift to her house, you are likely to return with more than you brought.

Happy Seventeeth Birthday Mummy.

Below is an excerpt from Pastor Dolapo Adelakun’s tribute:

Are you waiting for MGO?
The very first time I would be privileged to enter Redemption camp was during one of the Feast of Esther conferences. I think it was the 7th year of Feast of Esther.
My husband insisted I must see mummy. I had never set my eyes on her. I went to her office with a gift and I asked to see Pastor Mrs Adeboye. The secretary asked me to sit down. Not quite long, another woman came out and asked if I was waiting for Mummy GO and I said No. she left. After about 15minutes, she came out again and asked who I was waiting for. I said, I was waiting for Mummy Adeboye. She said, that is what I have been asking you but you said no. I was confused. She never asked me if I was waiting to see Mummy Adeboye. She asked if I wanted to see Mummy GO. I did not know what the abbreviation meant so how could I know if we were on the same page. She then explained to me that she is also referring to Mummy Adeboye. She said, that is what we call her in Redeem. Okay……….

I opened my eyes
I got closer and I started attending the Feast of Esther. One day after a session, I went to say goodbye. As I knelt down, she started to pray. She started from when I was born, how my mother carried my pregnancy for 9 months without fail, how she delivered safely, how the Lord kept me in my growing years. It was a detailed and chronicled prayer. At a point, I opened my eyes to see if I was still there. I looked at her, her eyes were tightly closed. In my heart, I wondered, what kind of strange woman is this? When she eventually finished, my knees were screaming.
One great lesson I learnt is this: Appreciate God for every detail of your life from the beginning. Never lose sight of the goodness of God that has brought you to where you are.

Her bags were so heavy!!!
I had the privilege of following Mummy to the Feast of Esther Cote D’Ivoire. I had to carry her two bags all through the meetings. The bags were so heavy, my arms almost fell apart. When she needed a thing, she knew exactly in which of the bag. She never missed any detail. She knew the side of the bag she placed the thing. I could not believe this. Even at her age, she was still so sharp and intelligent. I sat there amused and amazed. What kind of strange woman is this?
I have not been able to catch up with this……….

I used to think I was a giver!
My husband and I dropped by in the house to drop some gifts. We knew Daddy and Mummy were not in the country. When we were about turning to move out of the house, we saw two women running after our vehicle. When we stopped, they said, we should wait. They wanted to give us snacks. We told them not to bother but the elderly woman said, please do not let me lose my job. I have been instructed that nobody comes into this house and leaves empty handed. The woman was frantically begging us to wait.
My husband in a sharp retort said…… these people are strange. There is so much to learn around here.
Till we got to Ibadan, I did not stop thinking about what happened. Even your domestic staff have been tutored to give IN YOUR ABSENCE. What a lifestyle! I used to think I was a giver but I learnt another consuming lesson here.

Take the portion from the other freezer…..
From Cote D’Ivoire, she was giving her cooks instructions of what to cook and serve Daddy. I see……… Her ministry has not taken her off her marital assignment. Her husband still remained part of her divine assignment.
In my own case, once I leave town, my husband’s food destiny is in the hands of the cooks. I do not look back. When my husband complains about a particular dish he was served while I was away, I come back to pounce on the cooks……….. What are you being paid for when Oga still has to complain about his meals?
I learnt a good one here. Be in charge even when you are not at home.

I was very quiet until…….
I was very quiet until I got close to her. Now I am very silent. Just looking at her, you will see so much peace and calm around her. She corrects but does not throw off the spindle as some of us do. Sometimes when she wants to get upset she will just say….. It is well. That is the end of the matter. No wonder she is clocking 70 in a good frame of mind. Mummy, I admire you so much. You have taught me so much without a school structure in place.

Where are the others?
We took our two sons to visit Daddy and Mummy one Thursday morning. They had just finished from School. When Mama came and we told her these are our children, she asked, where are the other children? I said, we have two children. She said, Why? I said……. even these two was by the sheer mercy of God. She replied with a short prayer that brings tears to my eyes every time I remember this visit. She said…… And this same mercy will keep them for you. I can never forget this prayer. It humbles me every time I use it to pray for them.

This is my daughter in law.
All through the time we were assisting her to serve her guests, this graceful lady was also there doing the same. Mummy kept using ‘e’ for her in Yoruba language. That is a term we use for those older than us in age.
When we finished and Mummy said, meet my daughter in law. I was not sure she was pointing to the right person. But it truly was her daughter in law.
So much public respect for a daughter in law? I took it in with so much wind in my breath……. Daughter in law? With so much respect? Another class came to an end. I got it.

Dolapo, wa mu tie
To her everything must be shared. Everybody from the top to the base of the ladder must partake of every good thing around her. When I tell her I am full, she would say, fullu ko, fullu ni. Once she says that you had better behave yourself.
What a way to live! I run a mentoring school for women Ministers and the younger ones keep asking for the secret of greatness. This is one of the trademarks of greatness…….. Giving Life to all around you.

I did not invite her?
On February 17, 2013, I clocked 50. It fell on a Sunday, so we had a special thanksgiving service. While I was fully dressed up in my office, a protocol officer gave my door a very rough and hard knock. He shouted from outside…… Mummy Adeboye is around. I almost lost my ear drum. In shock, I said, but I did not invite her! Maybe, it’s a mistaken identity.
When I looked out of my window, it was truly Mummy standing in front of the church canopy. I ran with my hat flying in another direction. When I hugged her, I just started crying. I could not believe my eyes.
By the grace of God, I come from a background where we grew up with strict protocols. Mummy’s coming was like the whole nation attending my birthday. Her person was a nation so I did not take it lightly at all. Her presence was far more than the presence of any national leader. Her influence cuts across nations, so when such people honour you with their presence, it is a great lesson in humility.
Mummy thank you very much for breaking protocols for a very small me.

After every phone conversation.
After every phone conversation, she says, see you tomorrow if Jesus tarries. See you later today if Jesus tarries. She is so conscious of heaven and confident of the coming of Jesus. You cannot be around her and not expect the coming of the Lord in the next one hour. Heaven is so real to her and joyfully, she awaits the coming of the Lord.
What deep intimacy!

Rora, je ki won koja…….
I was seated beside her on our way to the airport in a convoy. The traffic was heavy so we had to take a short cut near Olowu street in Ikeja. At a point, a woman and two men wanted to cross through the convoy. You know that is not right security wise but Mummy said, in Yoruba, please be careful with them and let them pass. Pass through a convoy? Do you know what that means?
I just kept thinking……. Power in the hands of the broken is what we all need as a nation.

So she had this full blown scar?
I know in theory that Champions are products of scars. I also know that Each star on a General’s uniform is actually the remembrance of a scar.
Mummy told us her story publicly during the last Feast of Esther and I became really sober. Has she gone through all these and she is still happy and merry? You would not know except you heard like I heard.
The Glory of great women is in their story. No star without a scar. She has gone through it all and still scoring goals for the Master. No corner kicks. No penalties.
Jesus, thank you for your grace.

No more questions!
Her messages are so simple and impactful. By the time she finishes, she would have answered the What, How, When, Where and Why of the topic. Very practical in her delivery. She does not leave her shortcomings out of her message.
She wraps up every message in wisdom. No loose ends. No confusion. No debate. No more questions.
When I come back home with my team from Feast of Esther, we go back to Mummy’s topics and everybody concludes that her messages are complete. Any question? They all chorus… No more questions.

A very large heart.
A mother is not defined by her womb but by her heart. A mother is not defined by the number of children she has but by the largeness of her heart.
I do not know how she copes and tolerates all of us especially those of us who are weird like me. She remembers everybody’s names. Overlooks every naughty attitude. Cheers everyone to greatness. Gives everyone space to specialise.
Mummy, you are ONE IN A MILLION.

I celebrate you today as you clock 70. You have birthed in us a global mentality as regards ministry work. The excellent spirit with which you do ministry is unparalleled. You dot all the i and cross all the tees. From the sparkling toilets to the glowing Altar. You celebrate the drivers the same way you celebrate the directors. You honour the poor the same way you honour the prosperous. The high and low have a space in your heart.
Thank you, Mummy for creating space for us.
The greatest gift the great can give is the GIFT OF ACCESS. For this access, I am saying a very big thank you.
Many more years of exploits if Jesus tarries. You gave me a surprising global celebration on my 54th birthday. Mummy, Jehovah will reward you mightily.
May the Lord grant us the grace to do greater works for HIS Kingdom in Jesus name.
Happy 70th Birthday, Mummy.


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