How Army officers embarrassed a white man and his Police escort for driving against traffic in Lagos

Some Army officials have reportedly left a white man red with embarrassment after he drove alongside his police escort, against traffic in Egbeda area of Lagos State

According to an eyewitness, with the handle @tracysyl who shared the hilarious incident on Twitter, the white man who was in a luxury ride and a Police escort tried to disobey traffic, but were shocked as they got far more than what they bargained

The Policeman who was escorting the white man had been diverting vehicles on the other lane, so they could maneuver and ride along on a one-way road, when a certain vehicle refused to move.

He then went to confront the occupants, only to discover they were Army officers.

“I experienced the best scene of a life time in Lagos today. I was at a particular bstop just before Egbeda, there was mad traffic on one side of the road and the other side was pretty free. Apparently the person in a black mercedes GL class couldn’t take it anymore.

“So as soon as they got to a road cut, a policeman came down from the passenger’s side of the Mercedes, stopped some cars and they diverted to the free road tryna use one way. The amazing part…….

“It wasn’t up to 10 secs they did that, the Mercedes got blocked by a black Lexus.

“The furious police man came down again, went straight to the Lexus, tapped the drivers window and demonstrated angrily “My friend, will you move to one side.

“Then it happened.. A man in his mid 40’s and 3 other men came down from the Lexus and guess what? They were army officers.

“The army officers made everyone in the Mercedes come down, that was when we noticed that the owner of the Mercedes was a white man.

“He apologized but the soldiers won’t have it and clearly told him “Mr man, If I can obey traffic law in your country, you would obey in mine.

“Now here’s the funny part… The soldiers cleared the road, apologised for causing traffic and made sure the Mercedes went all the way back to the beginning of the traffic. All them Agberos were cheering.

“I almost pulled out my phone to record but the army is NOT my mate.

“Besides….. I’m launching a search for one of the army officer. He was soooooooo cute, I think in his late 20’s and He had the cutest lips I ever saw…

“Dark skinned Macho body. I felt like asking him to marry me but they got into the Lexus and drove off before I could”.

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