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Do Nigerian banks send new staff to prisons for a tour to deter them from embezzling money?

It appears that Nigerian banks send their new staff to prisons for a tour to deter them from embezzling money

According to a Twitter user who had visited the prison for legal representation for some inmates, he spotted quite a number of new bank staff, during their tour/excursion to the prison conducting the exercise which was meant to show them what awaits them should they embezzle any of the bank’s funds

Shockingly, other social media users confirmed the story by stating incidences where either they or a relation was a witness to the exercise in their own case

The reports have left questions on the minds of many as one can only but imagine if the excercise has been proven effective

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Nigerian Private secondary school prints names of students owing 5k in the school magazine

Parents and graduating students of an Ondo State based Private secondary school were reportedly left in shock after the school allegedly printed names of students owing a meagre N5,000 in the school magazine

An Ondo State secondary school has come under fire from social media users after they turned a day of joy for parents who paid a whopping N104,000 per term, for the education of their children for six whole years, to a day of sorrow, humiliation and pain, over a debt of N5,000

It was gathered from the aggrieved Twitter user who shared the story, Bhadmus Hakeem @Bhadoosky that the names of final year students who didn’t contribute towards the purchase of a 32 inch television set in the school’s send-forth magazine were printed, and labelled as debtors.


‘You are not God, humble yourself we have seen people rise and fall’ – Tunde Ednut replies Harrysong

There has been an online drama between singer, Harrysong and entertainer, Tunde Ednut on Saturday, July 21,2018

It happened that around noon, Harrysong took to the gram to blast Tunde Ednut after he shared a video of himself sharing money to his fans.

Tunde went all sarcastic in his post saying that the money the fans are all rushing for will be about N5,000.

Harrysong who evidently didn't find the comment funny blasted Tunde for his comments.

As expected, Tunde Ednut responded with a post, sheding more light to the main cause of the beef between the two grown men.

He wrote;

'when he released Selense, I posted, he didn’t like nor comment, not that I was expecting it. I’m just a guy with a good heart. He bought a car, I posted and congratulated him, he didn’t like or comment. As soon as I posted something not praising him...


”I am richer than you. I have a more successful and blessed career” Harrysong blasts Tunde Ednut

Nigerian Celebrities, Harrysong and Tunde Ednut seem to be at each other's throat as the former has taken to a ranting spree, lecturing the later on how more successful he is

The drama started when Harrysong shared a video of him sharing money to his fans. Tunde reacted to it saying the money the fans are all rushing for will not be more than N5, 000.

In his words;
''Wow! Scavengers.... That money no fit even reach all of them ??? That’s about 5k. ? DEM DIE DIA!!!''

Feeling slighted by the comment, Harrysong took to his IG page to lecture Tunde with what can be described as petty

He wrote;
''@tundeednut u insult me?? I am richer than you. I have a more successful and blessed career...and am a giver. i think it's time we clear some of these things''

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