DBanj’s wife’s sister, Samantha Walsh speaks for the first time about the death of her nephew who drowned in a pool

The reports of the death of Daniel who was the only child of Nigerian singer, Dbanj, had come as a shock to many. The unfortunate incident took place in the Oyebanji residence.

Though the public might not be fed with more details, some fans handled it well by standing by the family with words of encouragement while others blamed the mother for the drowning of her own 13months old child

Samantha Walsh, the sister-in-law of the singer, DBanj has taken to social media to speak for the first time about the death of her nephew who drowned in a pool

The beautiful lady has chosen to address this just after Dbanj released his statement on the said issue, thanking those who stood by him

In her statement, she cut across the depth of pain the family must be going through following the death of Daniel the Third.

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Check out her emotional post

It has taken me all day to make this post.

I’ve cancelled and retyped and cancelled again and have also gotten to a place of do I really need to even do one? And I battled and battled…? But

— I got thousands and thousands of msgs on here from people I Dnt even know sending the kindest words of encouragement to my sister and family and just like everyone doesn’t know what to say at this time, I had no clue what I would type. __ —forgive me for this is new for me and mine.

For all of you that made ur accusations and even went as far as going into my DMs to insult my family and I in our loss, it only took 1 sec to delete and block and I didn’t even remember ur name after , but for Wats it worth I pray for ur dark heart.

__However and most importantly , to follow up with my brother in law and sister that we are so grateful for the kindness shown , in these dark days of sooo much mourning , I thank u for the msgs and calls and support .
I can’t thank u enough that each and everyone of you reminded me of kindness and genuine love and empathy at this time. —-I have a guardian angel now ??.

—-life is so short and fickle, the body is just flesh and ur soul is what matters, in all this sadness around us and in our country let’s get up, be and do right. Love fully and be kind to one another . —-Love the people that God gives you everyday because he will want them back at some point.

RIP my sweet boy, u made me sooo happy even when I watched u sleep and that’s the way u shall be remembered ,


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