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See what Ali Baba will do if the federal government should give him the Abacha loot

Comedian Ali Baba has advised the federal government to lend him the newly recovered Abacha loot which is about to be shared among Nigerians. According to the veteran comedian, if given the money, he will use it to transform the national theater in Lagos into a standard Formula 1 circuit which will create many opportunities.

Read his social media post below.

”I have a proposal for the FEDERAL government. Instead of share the Abacha loot, give me the money, let’s Trsnsform the National Theatre, Lagos, to a world class F1 circuit and create many opportunities from that place, and in 3 years we can still give you back this same amount you are about to share. Because if you share this money, it will go down the drain. If you give it to me, I will give it back to you in 3yrs and you can go on and share the same amount. And think about it, if it was shared would it be available to be shared now? About the same size of land is what is now a tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi… with multi economic dynamics. Sharing the money will not make Nigeria great. It will kill our already dying economy.”

See what Ali Baba will do if the federal government should give him the Abacha loot
Ali Baba Abacha loot

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Swanky Jerry shares lovely pictures to celebrate his birthday

Celebrity stylist and fashion entrepreneur, Jeremiah Ogbodo aka Swanky Jerry, shared the below beautiful photos to mark his birthday today.

Swanky Jerry shares lovely pictures to celebrate his birthday

Swanky Jerry pictures

In a recent social media post, Swanky Jerry revealed how he went from being overlooked to now being overbooked for services.

''One day in a dream God said to me “My Son You Will Go From OverLooked To OverBooked”
I’m extremely Thankful to God??Nothing good comes easy ✨You must work to be successful.
People will struggle to bring you down once they see you going up ?They will only succeed if you let them . Keep your head...


FFK slams presidency for saying giving land for ranching is better than death

Former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) has reacted to a statement by the presidency that people need to surrender their ancestral lands for cattle ranching so that they can stay alive.

In response to a question on ancestral attachments to land, special adviser to the president on media and publicity, Femi Adesina said: “Ancestral attachment? You can only have ancestral attachment when you are alive.''

Reacting to the statement, FFK lambasted the presidency via Facebook:

"Giving land for ranching is better than death.....Being alive is better than ancestral attachment to land"- Presidency.

In other words you must surrender your ancestral lands to the Fulani or prepare to be slaughtered. You must give them your homes or they will take your lives!

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US-based Nigerian lady fired from work for not saying good morning

A Nigerian lady based in the United States has narrated how she got fired from her job with accusations that she was creating an hostile environment. According to her, her failure to say good morning to a co-worker led to the axe landing on her.

Read her tweets below.


''I once got fired from a job because I asked my coworker if she would die if I didn’t say good morning, I was told I created a “hostile work environment” by asking the question LMAO but it was an innocent question.

Everyday the bitch would come into work and be up in my space looking for a “good morning”. we are COWORKERS! Find a man to tell you good morning! And it was an early start job, before 8 AM. Goddamn.

Her: Hey is there an issue?

Me: What?

Her: I ask because you never say good morning?


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