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Actress Yewande Adekoya shares new photos of her daughter

Yewande Adekoya shares new photos of her daughter

Happily married actress and Film Producer/Writer, Yewande Adekoya who is famous for her hit movie, Kudi Klepto, has shared some new photos of her three year old daughter, Precious.

You will recall that Actress, Yewande Adekoya aka Kudi Klepto and her husband, actor cum producer, Ishola Abiodun, celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary some months back.

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Actress Caroline Danjuma tells the untold story of how she chose to die in place of her daughter

Caroline Danjuma shared powerful story about the birth of her daughter

Actress Caroline Danjuma has shared the struggles she went through to have her daughter who will turn 4 years old come September.

According to her, she was given the choice of choosing to save her own life or that of her daughter's. The decision was present before her by her doctor when she was pregnant with the girl and still had fibroid.

Caroline Danjuma shared on social media:

"My darling 3 yrs old daughter .. in Christ you will grow and learn his ways .. counting Down to your 4 th birthday SEP/13/2018 ..my girl is growing
?.. born sep 13/2014 with two holes in the heart .. I was battling with fibroid too while I carried you in my womb .. the doc told me to choose between...

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