A True Love Story! How Veronica and Micheal’s random beach encounter led to the aisle six years later

How we met:

We met at the beach on June 22, 2012.

It’s so beautiful that six years later we get to share our vows on the anniversary of the day we met.

Veronica: “We had both been invited to a beach picnic and funny enough didn’t actually notice each other until towards the eventful moment in the end. It got really cold as the night drew near and i was practically shivering on our way back to the dock when this sweet gentleman saw me and offered his yellow polo shirt without me even asking. He was so genuine and didn’t try to milk the situation…

Funny enough… As we got back on the ferry, myself and a couple of the other girls had laughed at the encounter noting this was how some of those sappy TV love stories start out. I had even commented something like: “i bet it’s cute to say we met at the beach, he gave me his shirt to keep me warm.. it was love from then on… we got married and lived happily ever after.. but that only happens on TV sis” and we laughed it off…

I got his phone number so i could give his shirt back (P.S: he told me i could keep it when i did message him haha). It was so innocent and we hadn’t thought much of anything then. We spoke a few times afterwards and this developed into a really good friendship that blossomed into something so beautiful and so much bigger than us.

It’s ironic and beautiful that this is how our story played out… i guess we got our own real life fairytale. God gave us a blank canvas to paint on that day… and although we’re still painting, it’s undeniable how beautiful the colours of our lives have turned out.”

The Proposal:

We got engaged on October 8th, 2016.

Michael: “I knew Veronica was the one even before we started dating. There were several defining moments during our relationship that strengthened my vision for us.. I remember when we started talking and I thought to myself “I’ve found the one” – meanwhile i wasn’t necessarily looking… but those plans didn’t even matter once our paths crossed.

Getting the perfect ring was very important to me… although I knew what she liked, I had to ensure the ring was perfect. Sometime ago (a year or 2 before the proposal), we were at the mall and we kinda visited a ring store and just looked around. I knew her style and size from that day and I secretly wrote it down haha. This time it took a few visits to the jeweler (my bestman/bestfriend even came along a couple of times), then I went again before I finally decided. I went straight to my mom once I got the ring and kept it with her until it was time. I immediately called Veronica’s sister in the US to let her know of my intentions and she was very happy. I didn’t tell her when I was going to do it because I didn’t know myself. She promised not to tell her and she didn’t lol it was our BIG secret.

Planning this was actually a challenge because if you know Veronica, you know she loves to know everything and it’s hard to surprise or hide things from her. I didn’t want to tip her off, so I was careful not to plan anything too suspicious- especially when she’s found ways to repeatedly hint she didn’t want any dramatic proposal. A few weeks later, an opportunity came up. We planned to get together with a few of our close friends since we hadn’t done anything among ourselves for some time. I thought that would be the perfect opportunity, she wouldn’t see it coming. She didn’t haha.

So we were at the dinner table, talking and stuff but only myself and my best friend knew what was about to happen. Something funny happened that night before the proposal, while we were all talking and catching up, one of our friends was like “I have a feeling that someone wants to propose”, in my head I was like “Oh no! Not today”. I quickly changed the topic.. The distraction worked and I felt relieved. Next thing I know, Veronica whispers in my ears “I think so & so is going to propose tonight”, I smiled and said “Nah, I don’t think so”. She didn’t believe me at first then I assured her that he wasn’t. While the ladies went to the washroom for selfies, I got the other guys caught up on my intentions and everyone was very happy and of course kept the game face on when the ladies returned. I started to tell Veronica how much I love her… I whispered some stuff into her ears (not sharing sorry haha) and right there I went on one knee and asked her to marry me. Her initial reaction was to start shaking, then she ran under the dinner table, not once but twice hahahaha… after which she said YES and I put the ring on her finger. I felt and still feel so blessed… it was a beautiful night.

That moment was everything. I just got even more excited for the future. I knew she was going to say YES anyways haha but that moment felt really nice and I cannot wait for the big day… it’s going to be a beautiful day that the Lord has made.”

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