Yabatech students arrested and detained by Unilag’s security guards

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In what appears to be a sdisplay of betrayal, some students of Architecture have raised an alarm over a recent incident whwere they were being unjustly detained by Unilag’s security guard

From all indication, the said students of Yabatech had taken a walk into the premises of University of Lagos in frantic search of power supply in order to meet up with an academic deadline

Sharing photos on the IG page, the yabatech architecture students called out the mangement as well as the H.O.D who denied them asking the Unilag security to deal with them ruthlessly in the Unilag gueard room

The photos were shared with the caption;

Update!!!! What a shame!!! Students of architecture, Yaba College of Technology being detained at Unilag security guard room for “trespassing” in frantic search for power supply so they can meet the deadline for jury. What’s even worse is the outright denial by the HOD of the department, leaving the fates of these ones in the hands of the security personnel. What a shame… In this day and age, a federal Polythecnic cannot proffer power or even studio access for her students yet they set ridiculous deadlines and expect students to meet up. #saveyabatech #weneedhelp. @tatafonaija @yabatecholodo @unilorin_architeckts @unilagolodo @peng.ent

Here is the latest, trying to meet up the deadline for jury design presentation 17 students of architecture from yabatech went to Unilag to work overnight because their studio is not accessible between 8pm – 7am daily, then it happened that they were arrested by unilag security for trespassing.
Unilag security contacted the HOD of the department of architecture Yabatech, and he said they should do what is needful, follow due process. Which means taking this students to the nearest kiri kiri. But because the Yabatech students did not look like criminals but looking like people deprived of basic needs of light and a studio as an architecture student they were released from the guard room at about 7am on Thursday the 14th of June.

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