Truck load of red roses as Tv host, Tomike Alayande gets engaged!

If you don’t know the face from Ebony life tv, you must definitely recognize her as Tania of Jenifa Diaries.

Ebony life tv’s personalty, Tomike Alayande is engaged!

The beautiful dark skinned who has proven herself a role model for many up and coming tv/radio hosts got hooked today, June 9th, 2018.

Her heartthrob who is not so much of a media person like her had cooked up the plan alongside her friends to plan the surprise engagement which took months to plan and almost got ruined by the workaholic

The truck load of roses, the tears, and oh! the ring…rings actually, as the groom couldn’t choose and wanted it to be perfect!

Here’s how she narrated the incident;

I never imagined I’ll be this surprised at my proposal! I always believed my friends would at least hint me kinda??‍♀️?? This is more perfect than I would have ever imagined!
First of all, My nails were done ! That alone is a bigge ???? My friends know how much I hate fixing my nails and they also know I’m such a workaholic that I can’t hear “work” and not go, so they came up with the perfect plan! They got my agent to tell me I was selected for a tv commercial . So he sent the usual bc stating the location and time etc. The one that annoyed me was the fact that they said fix your nails, dress up, ensure your hair is nicely made and come with your make up done because it’s a drink commercial and we have to hold glasses. I was there complaining to Ada on our way like ? what sort of stingy people are these ones! They can’t get make up artist and stylist for their shoot ni ? she said, don’t worry ,the money go compensate us.
While gisting with Mariam and her sis @sarabellecoutureng , I mentioned I had a shoot on Friday and @sarabellcoutureng offered to make me a dress in less than 24 hours claiming it’s been a while I wore a sarabell outfit so I should wear for my shoot . Wow! Aunty knew what she was doing????‍♀️ I told tmt I was coming for my make up as usual. After the make up, I was still taking pictures when she said I should lock the studio when I’m done cos she had to be at a meeting ASAP and she’ll tell me about it later . I was trying to convince her to wait for me but she wasn’t having it! Ashey aunty wanted to get there before me ????
It’s funny how she, Ibiyemi and Ada were acting seasonal movie there and I couldn’t even decipher!
Ibiyemi was like “tmt which way are you going”
Tmt told her where she was going, (coincidentally they stay close to each other) so Ibiyemi said she was going with tmt . Ada was like ahhh lucky you! Wow! To think all that was staged to ensure I had absolutely no clue!

Little did I know what they had been planning for months! It’s funny how I almost runined their first plan without knowing! Apparently it was supposed to be Saturday , so during the week, Ada mentioned a commercial on Saturday but I was like “I’m not going abeg I have another commercial to shoot on Saturday “ she was kinda pissed at my nonchalant attitude and I was wondering why! like eees eet by force? I’m already booked for Saturday ??‍♀️ aunty didn’t want me to miss my proposal?? So they moved their plans to friday and got the agent to send me another message for a different commercial on Friday. I still clearly remember Ada saying “ you go come na, the money dey alright and it won’t be stressful” ?? I was like “ before nko! but Ada , how come they selected both of us ? How perfect is that? ! I’m so happy for us! “ Aunty say na “ahhh thank God o! Make God continue with His good plans” ?? Gosh!
All the details were amazing ! The decor, every single person present, the love … I don’t even know what to type again! Excuse you, I’m somebody’s fiancée ??????
Thank you to everyone that made this happen most especially @temmie__ . I’m so overwhelmed. Of course I cried ?? my friends said they arranged to bring buckets because they know I’m so emotional I’ll cry lakes of tears ????? funny thing is they cried too ! Every single one of them ? Even Mariam said she didn’t cry one bit at her own proposal but she wept at mine ?
Sigh! I love how you all love me! I don’t take it for granted! Thank you
It’s not easy to carry rock for hand please I’m tired of typing, I’ll continue the story some other time ! ???????

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