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Tonto Dikeh dazzles in new photos as she clocks 33

Nollywood actress and philanthropist, is 33 today.

The beautiful mother of one who had a photo shoot to celebrate has shared some of the photos on her social media page.

She took the opportunity to reminisce on her life’s journey so far and some of the lessons she has learnt.

She wrote;

”Happy birthday to me!
They say ‘Life opens up many unexpected changes, beautiful possibilities and even some disastrous heartbreak. That’s how life is – it’s spontaneous, amazing, painful and yet, undeniably fulfilling’. People usually compare their life to that of a roller coaster. Spinning them round and round with unexpected twists and turns. I realised my life has been somewhat different. I would say my life has been rather one heck of an Amusement park that harbours many rollercoasters. For many years I had been jumping from one ride to the other in search of fulfilment to a void I felt Was empty. No matter the next ride I got in, it would take me to the same destination. A disappointing end to an exhilarating journey. This was the repetitive manner in which I lived my life. Little did I know that a higher being had higher plans for me. Little did I know that the Angels where looking down in heavy anticipation. Waiting for instructions from the Father to intercept my case.
You see life is like an unending school. Those who refuse to learn will never progress to a higher level. As I clock another year in the university of life I can confidently say that I am progressing to the next level. I have learnt so much in the class of Giving, Love, understanding and spirituality.
I want to thank God for the gift of life. There is nothing more precious.

Check out the amazing birthday photos;
Tonto Dikeh photos age, 33
Tonto Dikeh photos age, 33
Tonto Dikeh photos age, 33
Tonto Dikeh photos age, 33
Tonto Dikeh photos age, 33

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Big Bolaji talks about his wedding night and more

Popular Gospel artiste, Bolaji Olanrewaju aka Big Bolaji, has revealed his love story and more in new interview, enjoy!

When you first met your wife, was it a case of love at first sight?

I would not describe it as a case of love at first sight because we were friends for a while before we became lovers and got married.

How did you meet your wife?

I met her in church. We were workers in the church and we also had mutual friends, so it made things easier for me.

How long did your friendship last before it blossomed into a love affair?

We were friends for about three years before we became lovers.

Was it not awkward for either of you when you asked her out?

It was so easy for me because we just grew into each other. Our friendship evolved naturally.

What endeared you to...


Afeez Owo reveals how his tribal marks gave him a low self esteem

One noticeable feature of popular Nollywood actor, Afeez Abiodun popularly known as Afeez Owo are the tribal marks on his face. While some might argue that he would have been more handsome without them, the actor begs to differ as he told Saturday Beats that he had to face reality and accept what his parents created on his face.

He opened up that initially as a young boy, he disliked the marks and went to the extent of using sandpaper to get rid of them all to no avail simply because he was always taunted by bus conductors.

Owo added that he would never allow anyone inflict such scars on the face of his children.

“I am very comfortable with my tribal marks now and if anything ever wipes them off my face, I would feel bare or naked and my fans would not recognise me. While I was growing...


David Beckham reacts to his alleged divorce reports

David and Victoria Beckham, who have been married for 18 years, have been at the centre of divorce rumours today after the odds of them splitting up were slashed and betting suspended.

A spokesperson for bookmakers Paddy Power had earlier stated: “We’ve decided to suspend betting on the separation between Posh and Becks.

“It looks like it’s a case of 1 becomes 2 with their marriage seemingly going down the loo.”

After hours of speculation that lit up social media, David and a statement rejecting talk of a divorce has been released.

Reps for the couple said: “There is no statement due or divorce.

“This is just fake social media news.


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