This 96 year old Grandma’s make over has got everyone talking

With the power of extraordinary makeup, a really old woman has been completely transformed into a charming beauty.

A makeup kit is a very strong tool in the hand of any woman. With that kit, she can transform herself into virtually anything she wants.

With makeup, a dark woman can become fair and a disfigured person can become flawless again. Over time, women have used makeup to achieve unbelievable results on their body.

This is the case of this old woman who was successfully transformed into an unbelievably charming lady with the power of makeup, recently.

The photos were posted by BukkyGeleMua, a London Makeup Artist and Headgear Specialist. The makeup artist revealed that the old woman came to them for makeup in preparation for her 96th birthday celebration.


Tireni Adebayo

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