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Robbers return to same boutique they raided 8 months ago and this happened

In what appears to be another case of Oliver Twist, a gang of robbers who stole from a boutique barely 8 months ago, reportedly returned to the store for more. Having carted away goods and valuables worth thousands of Naira, including wristwatches, neck chains, and clothes, they yearned for more.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the two young boys identified as Tega & Aghogho were said to have broken into the same boutique when luck ran out of them as one of the boys was caught while the other absconded.

It was gathered that Aghogho was the one who brought Tega all the way from Oghara and asked him to be observing if anyone was coming. He attempted to break in when the vigilante group on duty got suspicious of movement in their axis and proceeded with their torch lights.

Aghogho upon seeing them, being experienced in the criminal activity, absconded leaving him behind.


Rhema Olonade

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