Popular conjoined twins die aged 21

Popular Tanzanian conjoined twins Maria and Consolata Mwakikuti have reportedly died after they were hospitalized for heart conditions in December 2017.

The twins who were joined from the navel downwards and shared organs like the liver and lungs, had great plans for their future and reportedly fought hard for their lives.

Reports of their demise on Saturday has spread nationwide leaving Tanzanians in shock and mourning the ever joyous and seemingly happy twins who despite their predicament managed to make an indelible mark in the lives of all.

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Palestine FA threatens to burn jerseys of Lionel Messi if he plays in Jersualem

The Palestine FA has threatened that shirts of Lionel Messi will be burned if the world cup warm-up match between Israel and Argentina takes place in Jerusalem’s Teddy Kollek Stadium on Saturday night.

The Palestine FA chief, Jibril Rajoub, wrote to Claudio Tapia, the head of the Argentinian FA, last week accusing Israel of using the match as a “political tool”.

Part of the letter says:

“The Israeli government has turned a regular sports match into a political tool. As was widely covered in Argentinian media, the match now is being played in order to celebrate the ‘70th anniversary of the State of Israel’,” .

Rajoub declared a campaign against Argentina and particularly Messi, noting he has millions of fans across the Arab and Islamic world, Asia and Africa.

“He’s a big symbol so we are going to target him personally and we call on all to burn his picture and his...


I was Titi Fanta of Wake Up Nigeria’s first ever boyfriend – Denrele (VIDEO)

Popular Veejay, Denrele Edun has opened up on how he feels about Titi Adelagun Oyinsan aka Titi Fanta who hosts the Wake Up Nigeria show.

In an interview with Wotzup ONTV, he revealed that he was her first ever boyfriend. He also spoke of how he was very involved with Titi Fanta to the point that he believes his life started and ended with her.

I was Titi Fanta of Wake Up Nigeria’s first ever boyfriend – Denrele (VIDEO)

Speaking further, the former Soundcity Veejay revealed that he has not been very lucky with relationships in his life. He said the last one he got out of was with the most disrespectful person he’s ever met. According to him, she was involved with...


Yomi Fabiyi spills more details on how Toyin left Adeniyi Johnson, claims she’s still on drugs

how Toyin left Adeniyi Johnson

What many thought was a joke from Toyin Abraham over the weekend has sky-rocketed into enmity between A-list actresses Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Abraham.

Toyin was the one who threw the first salvo by posting a comment on a post shared by Mercy. Toyin wrote: Mercy, should I tell them what you did to my home?”

Apparently referring to her marriage to Adeniyi Johnson, Toyin didn’t stop there.
She wrote again, “Anytime you see your colleague fighting anyone, that’s when you write stupid epistle. Alabosi ni e Mercy. Mercy Alabosi oshi. Go and sit down.”


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