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Nigerian man says proposing to a lady in her 30s is not an engagement but a rescue mission

A young man who can only described as ignorant has taken to his social media account to declare that proposing to a lady in her 30s is not an engagement but a rescue mission.

The statement has stirred up some kind of controversy/uproar which has set the internet agog

It is a widely known fact that 21st century women love the idea of marriage and recently, some men are of the opinion that they are actually doing the ladies a favour

Sadly, the notion that marriage is an accomplishment appears to be spreading owing to the actions and in actions of some women

proposing to a lady in her 30s

The statement of the currently unidentified young man has been seen as appalling in all ramifications leaving some social media users to agree and disagree with valid points

Love is a beautiful thing, however not finding love in time could bring about unnecessary fear created by rules of the society towards the feminine gender

Meanwhile, what’s your take on the subject?

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John Ogu and his sister throw shades at his estranged wife’s family

Nwanneka Destiny Ogu, the sister of Super Eagles player, John Ogu, has taken to social media to praise her brother amidst a call out from his sister-in-law who claims he abandoned his daughter.

In her post, she threw a shade at her brother's estranged wife's family whom she believes are trying to bring him down now that he has successfully made the 23-man list for Russia 2018 world cup haven missed out in the last edition.

Nwanneka Destiny Ogu wrote:

''Bro u r a wonderful person, words can't qualify ur kinda hat, pple may tink I'm saying dis cus u r my blood,BT the honest truth is dt u r my role model ur zeal to work hard n achieve ur dreams still amazes me, cud rmbr wen we...

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Nigerian activist reveals why her friend cheated, 13 days to her wedding

A Nigerian activist identified as Queen Idoko has revealed why her girl friend cheated, 13 days to her wedding. According to the said lady, her friend is justified for the action!

She narrated that the incident happened after the groom sent the bride to pick up something from a guy(his friend) who she described as the best looking dude she has ever seen.

Left unguarded, the lady fell for the guy and in her friend's defense, she claimed that the fiance shouldn't have tempted his wife-to-be by sending her to a good looking friend.

As expected, the post brought about a social media conversation and argument as other social media users blamed the friend for taking advantage of his friend's fiancee.

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Ghanaian OAPs, Afia Schwarzenegger and Miz Debbie in war of words

Ghanaian OAP, Afia Schwarzenegger has finally met her match in terms of abusive language as she got engaged in a tongue lashing session with TV personality, Miz Debbie. It all started when Afia slammed Debbie as being ‘too known’ for a comment she passed and Debbie responded with no holds barred.

Debbi wrote in response:

“Where I come from if your husband sees you sleeping with another man they banish you ????? get a life stray dog ?”

Her response is a reminded of how Afia Schwarzenegger was caught in bed with another man by her husband who filmed everything with a mobile phone.

However, Afia Schwarzenegger didn't let Miz Debbie's comment slide. She hit back at her reminding her of how she was being used by a musician in the studio. Read her post below.

“Where I come from people with eyes like urs are fed to the dogs, stupid...

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