More photos of Love Child that could crash Dangote’s Daughter Marriage

This isn’t the best of times for Jamil Abubakar.

Just a few months after enjoying the spotlight as a result of his wedding with Fatima Dangote, the son of former Inspector-General of Police, has been accused of neglecting a lady whom he impregnated in 2017.

The lady, 22-year-old Irene Chiamaka Nwachukwu decided taking to social media to address issues of neglect and abandonment by Jamil Abubakar.

She said Dangote’s son-in-law has failed to take care of her son who looked just like him.

According to a close source, Irene and Mr Jay met and started an affair around 2015 and had been intimate on several occasions which led to her being pregnant in August 2017. He then asked her to have an abortion and allegedly offered her over a million naira but she refused the money…

Insiders say his reasons for not wanting the baby was that it’s a taboo to have a child out of wedlock in his religion and his family would never accept. The source revealed:

”He made it clear that he can never be married to her,But she refused getting rid of the pregnancy and informed him she could not take an innocent life.This resulted to a big fight between them,and he abandoned her to cater for the pregnancy alone.”
He also allegedly threatened to take it to the highest authority if she bothered him with the pregnancy. They both settled the dispute and were in good terms until January when he started denying paternity of the baby after they both had a fight, he told her he was moving on with his life and can’t continue with whatever they had going on. ”She told him she was ready to do a DNA test to prove he’s the father of her unborn child but instead he accused her of wanting to trap him with a baby. Saying she and the baby is an embarrassment to him and he’ll never be involved. He eventually blocked all access to him making it difficult to reach him”.
pregnant Irene

Irene, who passed out from the National Youth Corp camp in November 2017, claimed she was 8 months pregnant when Jamil got married to Dangote’s daughter, Fatima.

The incident has reportedly shocked the Dangote family. She also claimed that Jamil offered to give her a N5 million pay-off which she refused.

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