Lady declares her 11 year old sister missing but people’s attention is drawn to something else!

An aggrieved lady has cried out to the general public, using her social media platform to declares her 11 year old sister missing but it appears people’s attention is drawn to something else!

The anxious lady who shared the unfortunate news alongside her missing sister’s photos, has successfully distracted people from the major reason she called for help as people are simply drawn to the looks of the alleged missing girl .

It seems quite surreal that someone with such a body figure will be only eleven years old and majority of Twitter users suggest that the announcer attempted to write 21, and not 11

Check out photos of the girl here;

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Morocco Vs Iran: “Buhari Infected Morocco With Failure”-Reno Omokri

Bemigho Reno Omokri, popular Lawyer and author has blasted President Buhari over Morrocco's loss in the World Cup football game on June 15,2018

According to Reno Omokri, President Buhari who has failed his country, is the cause of the defeat, owing to the fact that he visited the country few days before the said match, infecting it with failure

In Omokri's opinion; It might be a case of multiple coincidences, or perhaps there is something spiritual, but people, places and things tend to lose value after they associate with Buhari. Look at:

* Our economy
* Rex Tillerson
* Rochas Okorocha, etc.

And today, Morocco joined the long list!


Portugal Vs Spain: The moment Ronaldo scored free-kick goal to tie at 3:3

The World Cup 2018 has begun and Nigerians are going cray as the match between Portugal and Spain set the internet on fire after Ronaldo single-handedly tidied Spain

So many people have declared that the match was a perfect opportunity to send fans of Lionel Messi weeping as Ronaldo seizes the match to win people's hearts as he is being tagged the king of football

Proving that Hardwork beats talents, he scored a free-kick goal to tie at 3-3 during the match earlier this evening

Check out the enviable moment;

It is note worthy to state that the argument between Messi and Ronaldo should be quenched with this performance from Ronaldo as he has proven that there isa...


Singer, Orezi threatens to disgrace male celebrity owing him over dud cheque

Nigerian Singer, Orezi has threatened to disgrace a male celebrity owing him over a dud cheque

The aggrieved singer took to his Instastories to vent over a debt being accrued by a male celebrity. He threatened to expose the unnamed celebrity in the next twenty four (24)b hours if he does not pay up his debt

In the post, he mentioned that the said celebrity is one of the numerous so called stars living above his means, and cannot afford to pay him when all he was tring to do was help him

According to Orezi, he was given a dud cheque, which of course is a criminal offence and he has promised to make sure he makes true his threat

Check out the angry post here;

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