2018 World Cup: How the FIFA world cup trophy is made in Italy (Photos)

Below is a list of world cup winners and also how the world cup trophy is made.

Every four years, a brass copy of the trophy is provided and handed to the football federation of the winning side.
The pictures below show different stages of foundry, treatment, chiseling and polishing the trophy undergoes before it could be handed over to FIFA.

Hosts Winner Score
2018 Russia results so far
2014 Brazil Germany Germany 1-0 Argentina
2010 South Africa Spain Spain 1-0 Netherlands
2006 Germany Italy 1-1, then Italy beat France 5-3 in penalties
2002 Japan / S. Korea Brazil Brazil 2-0 Germany
1998 France France France 3-0 Brazil
1994 USA Brazil 0-0, then Brazil defeated Italy 3-2 in penalties
1990 Italy Germany Germany 1-0 Argentina
1986 Mexico Argentina Argentina 3-2 Germany
1982 Spain Italy Italy 3-1 Germany
1978 Argentina Argentina Argentina 3-1 Holland
1974 Germany Germany Germany 2-1 Holland
1970 Mexico Brazil Brazil 4-1 Italy
1966 England England England 4-2 Germany
1962 Chile Brazil Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia
1958 Sweden Brazil Brazil 5-2 Sweden
1954 Switzerland Germany Germany 3-2 Hungary
1950 Brazil Uruguay Uruguay 2-1 Brazil
1946 not held
1942 not held
1938 France Italy Italy 4-2 Hungary
1934 Italy Italy Italy 2-1 Czechoslovakia
1930 Uruguay Uruguay Uruguay 4-2 Argentina
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The 2018 edition of the world cup tournament is currently on hold in Russia and it sees the introduction of the virtual assistant referee.

How the FIFA world cup trophy is made in Italy (Photos)
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