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Driver recounts late Punch chairman, Gbadebowale Aboderin’s last moments

The deceased Chairman of Punch Nigeria Limited, Mr. Gbadebowale Aboderin’s driver, Mr. Joseph Aderounmu, has said that there was nothing to suggest that his boss was ill when he dropped him off in the hotel from where he proceeded to the hospital for a heart surgery.

Aboderin, a trained pilot and basketball enthusiast, died in Lagos on Wednesday at the age of 60 after a heart surgery at First Cardiology Consultants.

According to The Nation,Aderounmu, a personal driver of the deceased who had worked with him for 10 years, said:

“When I dropped him at the hotel, he said he would be there for the next five days and told me to behave well and not forget his admonitions. “He even gave me N5,000 and promised to call me whenever he needed me.

“He did not show any sign of sickness.

“I’ve never known any man like him.

“There was no premonition that this could happen”.

Aderounmu described the late Aboderin as a tolerant and caring man who warms up to people regardless of their status.

Recalling how the deceased used to admonish his domestic staff, he said: “When he saw you downcast, he reached out to help instantly.

“He asked after our families and advised us to treat our wives the way we would treat ourselves.

“He gathered us together every three weeks, giving us advice on proper conduct and motivating us with encouraging words.

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