Commotion as US Evangelist Benny Hinn begins sale of anointing oil for $25

US televangelist Benny Hinn has gotten many talking following a new announcement he made on his Facebook page earlier today.

According to him, he is now selling anointing oil for a fee of $25.

“Anointing oils, also referred to as blessing or consecration oils, are mentioned throughout the Bible. Pastor Benny Hinn felt led to specifically pray a blessing over these containers of oil and to make them available to use personally or to anoint others. This anointed oil can be a powerful tool of shared faith, especially since we know that as with all other spiritual tools, the true power comes from God Himself.” his site reads.

Below are some reactions on the page.

A faithful follower however wrote this in his defense:

But wait o dont you all buy oil from stores on a normal day?. Like is it ever for free? What the hell in this life is for free these days? Just cause Jesus time it was free does not mean it as to be free in 2018!. Double standards much all of you complaining can you work for a company for free? Oh so cause its house of God everythin make e be free? The bible you are using didnt you buy it?. Like is it not money he used in buying the oil so what is wrong in him selling it? Una go complain of offering, tithe, prayer, miracle, everythin una go complain so what the hell u all want?. Make pastors poor make them no see food chop cause they are working for God. Make una find Jesus church attend wey Jesus be the pastor and stop judging every pastors. Na why most of una still dey where una dey looking for every Opppurtunity to Judge a man of God. So they are no appointed men of God again? All of them na fake. Smh! Nigerians God forbid


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Fam, what do you think?


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