Bobrisky shocks Instagram followers with what he does in the toilet

It is no more news that Nigerian cross dresser, Bobrisky is trying daily to be a woman by all means and it appears he is receiving all the attention that he seeks.

The controversial male barbie who shared photos of himself with a raunchy cleavage, a few weeks back has taken his followers by shock as he announces that not only is he taking pills for his breast growth, he is also experiencing the monthly menstrual flow.

He told his followers early yesterday that he is on his period and had gone to the toilet to change his ” sanitary pads”.

This happened when he was wishing a male friend a happy birthday, as he shared photo of thesaid friend named Jason, he captioned it;
“Still my Jason birthday. If I hear say I tag his handle. Don’t come for me I’m in the toilet changing my pad.”

As expected, the information caused a rancor on social media as his fans wouldn’t stop talking about it

Later on, he noted that he was going for a spa session and was hoping to meet a new toaster

“Going for body spa see you guys later. Pray let me see customer that will toast me.”


Rhema Olonade

Rhema Olonade is a graduate of mass communication. She is passionate about news writing and broadcasting. Hobbies are watching movies, and public speaking.Email: [email protected]

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