Wizkid and third son, Zion, reunite in London (photos)

Wizkid is back to daddy duties as the superstar touched down London last night .

He shared the adorable photos with caption ‘look who welcomed me to London’ .

Last year, Wizkid welcomed Zion with his former manager and 38 year old single mum of two, Jada Pollock.

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Five things a lady can offer in a relationship apart from sex

I'm pretty sure you have heard a statement like this before "After sex some girls have nothing else to offer" well I am here to tell you ladies some things you can offer in a relationship apart from sex.


No man wants a girl with no sense of humor, some girls think a relationship is a one-sided affair, as long as he is making me laugh and happy am ok. Wrong. It should also be the other way around. A sense of humor is a necessity in life and you should enjoy using it to its fullest extent. Don't get angry over every little thing learn to laugh at yourself once in a while.


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Tunde Demuren reveals why he allowed OAP Toolz speak about their trials

Tunde Demuren

Tunde Demuren has spoken on the reason why he use to prevented his wife, OAP Toolz, from granting interviews about their personal life. According to him, he felt they weren't quite ready to let the world in on their private life which includes their trials and tribulations.

However, he revealed that some part of their affair has been shared by Toolz in an interview with Genevieve Magazine. He believes that allowing a little bit to be known by the public will go a long way in helping people who are going though similar situation.

Tunde Demuran wrote:

''So my boo is on the cover of @genevievemagazine .. true confession, I have been the reason why she didn't do interviews addressing some of our trials and tribulations because I want to keep our private lives private and I wasn't sure that I was ready to share certain hard times with the world.. but...


2017 BBNaija Miyonse Amosu becomes Indomie Ambassador

Miyonse Amosu who has since bagged quite a number of endorsement deals since his eviction from the 2017 edition of the reality tv show, has added another feather to his cap as he becomes an Indomie Ambassador

The media personalty turn professional chef shared photos with the caption ..

"And it’s official... INDOMIE BRAND AMBASSADOR"

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