Actress Moyo Lawal to undergo surgery to have Kim Kardashian’s body

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal has hinted at getting some surgery after she gushed at the way Kim Kardashian’s body looked in her outfit to yesterday’s MET Gala.

Sharing a picture of Kim Kardashian, Moyo Lawal wrote:

Just look at that body ????…. Omo men, am definitely going to start saving for surgery ??….


The curvy actress who has been accused several times of butt implant took to social media few months ago to dispel rumors that she had butt surgery done. According to her, she is just naturally endowed. She however assured her fans that if she ever gets such done, they won’t be the last to know.

Moyo Lawal wrote:

”Its super confusing that people will accuse me of surgery , then try to bodyshame me all at the same time …… . like….some people will go ” how did Moyos lady bits ??get so big??….. ……… The same set of people of people will still go, Moyo you know have added weight ???….. Eeeem, are you serious ??? Am sure ya all know ,it is just fat …. Fat in the right places ?……. #Commissioneroffatandshort …… p.s Still 100% #Teamnatural ??…………………………………. P.s if I ever have surgery , haaaaa!!! You people will hear it ??Walahi , Oma loud gan!!! ….. #ML”.

I'm going to definitely start saving for surgery - Actress Moyo Lawal I'm going to definitely start saving for surgery - Actress Moyo Lawal

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