Lilian Afegbai fires back at Gifty Powers for defending Tonto Dikeh over cosmetic surgery

There’s currently a cat fight going on between actress Lilian Afegbai and Gifty Powers with Tonto Dikeh right in the middle of it. It all started last year when Lilian Afegbai shaded Gifty for posting sultry photos. According to her, doing such is a cheap way to stay relevant and will only earn her moi moi endorsement deals.

Well, just yesterday, Lilian Afegbai decided to go against what she was preaching to Gifty Powers by posting some sultry photos with a message that appears to be shading Tonto Dikeh who last year had cosmetic surgery.

She wrote:

”Why was I considering surgery ?????? Self love is the best love, love my body and small boobs. I pray nothing makes me go under the knife.
Not the new trend, not a man, not peer pressure, not even society.”

Lilian Afegbai fires back at Gifty Powers for defending Tonto Dikeh over cosmetic surgery

Sensing Lilian Afegbai was being hypocritical by posting sultry pictures even after criticizing her when she did the same last year, Gifty Powers decided to let her have a piece of her mind after 8 months of waiting for the right moment. She blasted Lilian by claiming the reason why she doesn’t want to have cosmetic surgery done is because she cannot afford it.

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Gifty Powers wrote:

”Some people are just meant to be useless forever. You condemn a pic I posted on IG, which I wasn’t bothered cuz MADDNESS NO GET SIZE. Now, you posted a pic and said you can never do body surgery, my dear jst kukuma say that you can not afford the fee

… and that you are just managing your life. Besides what do you expect from someone who stands and begs for champagne in the club during the BBN finals celebration, hehe… She’s loco..”


The reply from Gifty Powers seems to have been a delight to Tonto Dikeh who immediately took to social media to inform Gifty that she is willing to give her gifts in tune of a million Naira. However, Lilian Afegbai fired back by telling Gifty Powers to send her account number because she will double whatever Tonto Dikeh is offering her. She also offered Gifty a role in a new movie she said she is working on in order to help boost her career.

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Lilian Afegbai fires back at Gifty Powers for defending Tonto Dikeh over cosmetic surgery

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