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Lady calls out her boyfriend on Twitter after finding out that he’s married

A Twitter user @ShesILL has called out her boyfriend on social media after discovering that he is already married. She revealed that she found out about his marriage on Facebook after being in a relationship with him for a year.

Read her tweets below.


‘y’all have no idea how crushed i am right now. the nigga I’ve been talking to for over a year now is married & had a whole ass wedding during this time. i know his wife has a twitter so i’ma go look for her cause this shit here is unacceptable. UN. ACCEPTABLE.

Got on Facebook today, something i usually don’t do & @MrChokeNStroke pops up in my “People You May Know” looking good in a tux. So my dumbass goes to his page & what do I find??? THE NIGGA IS MARRIED.

Lady calls out her boyfriend on Twitter after finding out that he's married

But been smiling in my face this WHOLE time. THIS. WHOLE. TIME. my nigga since March of last year. THE NIGGA TALKED TO ME ON HIS WEDDING DAY. WE WERE BOO LOVING WHILE THIS NIGGA WAITED AT THE END OF THE AISLE TO SAY I DO. the signs. they were there.“nah just in it” oh wow.

I let this little d*ck & (i do mean tragically little) hazel contacts wearing as* nigga get me in my feelings & I had the audacity to sit & play goofy while this shit was going on. right in my f*cking face.

AND THE GAG IS I ASKED WHEN I SAW THE PHOTO HE WAS TAGGED IN ON IG & HE GONE TALK ABOUT SOME GODDAMN NO. THIS. IS. A. WEDDING. RING. & he’s lucky i don’t pop up at 3503 Smoke Tree Ct & embarrass his ass. cause what you don’t do is this shit. LYING. the nigga just be lying straight through his teeth.

Should’ve known a female was living with him when I saw this little ugly ass dog cause grown men don’t buy dogs like this. I can’t. i’m done & if you’re personally friends with Melvin Lee Kince Jr, please unfollow me. all of y’all. ALL. OF. Y’ALL. these niggas out here are DIRTY.

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