KFB Movie Review: ‘Date Night’ is a fresh attention grabber that fails viewers

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Synopsis: Date Night tells the story of a playboy who is held hostage by the woman he brings home for the night, and it turns into a struggle for survival between the two. We usually only get to see both actors in Rom-coms, which makes us extra excited to see what they bring to these roles.

Starring: Adesua Etomi, Deyemi Okanlawon.

Verdict: Fresh. Bold. Salacious. Illogical. Dissatisfying. ‘Date Night’ is different and its freshness is a bonafide attention grabber as evidenced by the uproar of anticipation and intrigue it created in viewers. Unfortunately, the movie itself failed to live up to the excitement and curiosity instigated by its trailer.

Consequently, by the time it ended, the far majority of the audience (about fifteen people) we were blessed to see it with, had traded in their excitement and curiosity for disappointment and displeasure- People walked out of the hall visibly angry and resentful. “Rubbish!”, “Is this what we paid for?” and “Kai! Waste of money” are only a few of the “accolades” ‘Date Night’ received from them.

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This was quite sad for us to see. And to be perfectly honest, said sadness contributed to the delay in writing this review. Because at CinemaPointer, wanting so much to see Nollywood succeed, we are forever looking to Nollywood for bravery in trying new new angles; so it was truly distressful and sad to see boldness result in fervent opprobrium. And this despite the fact that, ‘Date Night’ did get many things right- There was a lot of thoughtfulness and planning sunk into it, plus; uncharacteristic to Nollywood, well executed efforts to plug holes using dialogue-d explanations and quick flashbacks.

Nevertheless though, we can’t blame the audience- ‘Date Night’ did earn the negativity by; First, being so terribly predictable that any avid movie lover can see every attempted twist and turn from miles away. Secondly, it was plagued by an excessive case of over acting- watching Mr. Okanlawon channel Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton remorselessly was uncanny as it was unoriginal. Third, ‘Date Night’ was offensively illogical, resulting in audience sneering and jeering- With explanations mostly coming too late to be effective.

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Consequently, though we feel the need to encourage the boldness of ‘Date Night’ with a recommendation; considering the sheer weight of displeasure ‘Date Night’ garnered from its audience, we can’t in good conscience recommend it for a paying audience.

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