How Aremu Afolayan made Aisha Abimbola go to Canada to find a good job to cater for her kids

In his tribute to the late actress Aishat Abimbola who reportedly died in Canada last night, actor Aremu Afolayan revealed that he was the one who advised her to go nd get a job in Canada so as to be able to cater well for her kids.

He wrote “I am not worthy of posting your picture at all, Aisha I remember you use to say Aremu can fix anything,any problem just tell him…. but Bimbola this one I CAN NOT FIX ? am not happy….. am not happy at all. I Remember I am the one who ask you to Go sit down in Canada ?? to start a good work cos of this kids, and you listen to me and you are even happy you wenT. but DEATH, that’s all you can do so,fuck off”

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Aremu Afolayan is a Nigerian film actor and brother of Kunle Afolayan, a Nigerian veteran film actor and award-winning director.

He is one of the sons of the famous theatre and film director and producer Ade Love. He was known for his film titled Idamu akoto (2009).

He is married to Kafilat Olayinka Quadri. They have a daughter Iyunade Afolayan.

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