Chioma Jesus reflects on the time she had to choose between her Bible and her Dictionary

Gospel artist Chioma Jesus has discussed a time in her life when she was forced to choose between the bible and the dictionary.

Writing on her Instagram, Chioma said she was persecuted persistently by her mother after she gave her life to Christ.

Eventually, her mother asked that choose between a bible and a dictionary, the former presenting her faith and the latter, schooling.

She chose her faith, she said, and was kicked out of her home and disowned.

Today, she continued, she is earning much more than she could ever earn at an oil company. She wrote:

Years ago people of God when I gave my life to Christ my mother persecuted me so much that one day she came back home, brought a bible and dictionary and asked me to pick one. The Bible representing my faith and no more school and then if I choose dictionary representing My school no more church. It was a very big Challenge but Holy Ghost helped me I choose The Bible I was disowned and chased out of my home. But God saw me through, today the same Bible is paying me in millions of naria,pounds,dollars,euro more than any oil company will pay me, What a Mighty God we service He will not forsake His own, my sisters and brothers please don’t shift your faith no matter the battles your facing today don’t exchange your faith with any thing in this world because “EYES HAVE NOT SEEN EARS HAVE NOT HEARD NOR HAVE IT ENTERED INTO THE HEART OF MEN WHAT GOD HAVE KEPT FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM” you’re on that process of greatness don’t give up ur faith yet…….#imchiomalize#Godischiomalizingmylife#mydestinyischiomalized

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