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Women have more opportunities to cheat than men – Lady

In a series of tweets, a lady gave reasons to support a claim that temptation is not a reason for a man to cheat. She said men may claim that they cheat because other women hit on them but in fact, more men hit on women yet they women don’t cheat as much as the men.

She tweeted:

“In my opinion, women have many more opportunities to cheat than men. Simply because on average, were approached more. If you’re a man in a relationship and you think you have to work hard to fight temptation, your woman is probably working ten times harder.”

“For every DM you receive, your wife/
girlfriend probably gets about twelve. For every time you’re approached, she is likely approached around ten times. For every number request you get, your wife/ girlfriend probably gets about eight.. I‘m not saying this to imply that women who cheat should be cut some slack because they’re tempted more – not at all. I‘m implying that men who cheat because of temptation‘, need to acknoweldge that women fight the same temptations on a larger scale!”

“I guess one could argue that because men aren’t used to receiving attention from the opposite sex, it’s seen as a much bigger deal to them. Although, in my opinion, that would suggest temptation (and sheer quantity) isn’t the issue. The issue is their own ego and self-esteen.
Looking at my original tweet, I’m not so sure about the “working hard“ part – only because I believe that ifyou’ve actively decided to enter a relationship, facing temptation shouldn’t be viewed as an arduous task. However, everyone‘s different. I’m sure you get my drift anyway!”

Women have more opportunities to cheat than men - Lady

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